10 Lifestyle Influencers You Should Be Following in 2022

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10 Lifestyle Influencers You Should Be Following in 2022

Is your Instagram feed looking a little dry? Follow these accounts to bring life to your feed! The accounts are not in any particular order. 

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We asked the influencers what inspires them to create content & this is what they shared:


“My name is Ashlee. I am a busy mom to two young boys, Miller (4 years) and Myer (2 years). I’m a child psychologist and live in Calgary, Alberta. During my first maternity leave, I found a love for being creative, taking pictures and connecting with other new moms on social media. The hobby that kept me connected with a new baby, has grown into a business that I am so proud of. The friendships I have made, places I have traveled and all the experiences had because of social media are incredible and I am so grateful.”

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“My name is Nichola and I’m a mama to my precious little Margot! My journey as an influencer started from my desire to capture my little girls moments as she grew up. I started my Instagram posting one photo a day to track her changes and it just took of from there! As a photographer I absolutely loved being able to provide brands with high quality photos and it has just been so amazing to connect with the different business owners and other mamas through this wonderful platform!”

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“I aim to create meaningful and creative photography, fashion and sometimes even travel content for Instagram. When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with allll the beauty gurus on Youtube – MyLifeAsEva, Alisha Marie, you name it! That’s what put the idea in my head to eventually become someone who could inspire others over social media, just like they did for me!”

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“I’m Carlee and I’m the founder and Editor-In-Chief at Styled to Sparkle. I’m a writer, entrepreneur, sommelier, expert traveler, wife and dog mom. I strongly believe in “classic style for the modern real girl” for all facets of life. My love of classic simplicity is reflected in my personal style, fashion and beauty choices, interior design decisions and how I travel. Trends come and go, but elegance is forever. “Always classic, seldom trendy” is a rule that I live by.”

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“My name is Zen, mama of two and I love sharing my fitness journey, wellness momma lifestyle and all the things I love and enjoy! I create, curate contents and treat my feed as a canvas of my life, highlighting motivational moments and sharing lows in hopes of resonating with other women and mamas worldwide!”

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“Hi, I’m Cait a vegan lifestyle blogger! I have always loved fashion, beauty, and makeup. When I decided to become vegan I wanted to incorporate all of my passions into my new lifestyle in an ethical and cruelty free way! I provide chic advice for the vegan life!”

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“I was nervous that my influencer career would be in jeopardy when I became a mom however it turned out to be quite the opposite- being a mom has given me countless amazing opportunities and a new meaning to life!”

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“After graduating from University in PR and Media Communications in 2015, I didn’t want to lose my newly learned skills and abilities, so I decided to start a blog called Maya’s Diary. What started as a general lifestyle blog soon turned into a page that focused more on beauty & fashion – two of my fav subjects! Since I was a teen I was fashion-obssesed always following & imitating what my favorite celebrities were wearing. I always had visions and went through so many phases with different styles. That’s thing about fashion, it let’s you express who you are at any given phase in life. It’s cyclical. My blog and Instagram are platforms that let me express my visions and bring them to life. I love creating digital content that is fashion and beauty tailored, and on par with the latest trends. My blog keeps my creative juices flowing, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come in the Toronto bloggers community.”

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“My name is Michelle Dela Cruz, I am a social media influencer who runs an Instagram account (@michiewanders) serving my audience on the niche of fashion, travel, and lifestyle related content. I love working with brands that aligns with my passion for style, sophistication, and distinctiveness.”

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“Becoming a mom was the hardest and most isolating thing I had to go through and I do my best to help make that transition a little easier for other moms. I do this through sharing recipes, tips and tricks, and relatable content like Mom Truth Mondays and Fashion Fridays.”

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