10 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

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10 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram is a fantastic platform for showcasing your more artistic side to the world. It can be difficult to know what to post and how to increase engagement at times. In this blog, you will learn 10 simple tips to help you increase your Instagram engagement.

1. Engage with your audience through Instagram stories

Using Instagram stories is a simple method to interact with your followers. It allows your followers to feel connected to you and get a feeling of who you are. There are numerous simple techniques available to help you enhance your involvement in your stories. Polls, questionnaires, and countdowns are all ways to get your audience to interact with your posts. The more they interact, the more likely it is that your next post will appear in their feed, encouraging long-term engagement.

2. Include a call to action in your captions

A call to action (CTA) is a direct question that appears in the caption of an Instagram photo. If you are going to include a CTA, make sure it is a natural progression from your caption. If you post a selfie, for example, your CTA should not ask your audience what their favourite supper dish is since it will feel inauthentic. The CTA’s goal is to encourage natural engagement. Instead, try to make an Instagram post where the CTA is integrated into the existing material. Because you can not include links in captions, another simple method to incorporate a CTA is to refer to your link in your bio.

3. Post when your audience is most engaged

You will be able to see your Instagram stats once you have converted your Instagram account to a creator or business account. You can see when your followers’ engagement rates are at their highest in your stats. These figures are a simple approach to ensure that your target audience will be online and ready to interact with your photo when you share it. Regularly reviewing your analytics can help you stay on top of which posts are performing the best, allowing you to make better decisions about what to post next. Utilizing your analytics can be a simple and effective tool at your disposal.

4. Be authentic

As Instagram progresses so do its followers. People are no longer looking for perfectly curated posts but rather natural and organic posts. Vulnerability and authenticity are becoming overwhelmingly popular on social media with people wanting to see the real thing. When creating your Instagram posts make sure to create authentic content that truly represents you.

5. Create video content

Instagram has shifted its focus away from photos and toward video content. The reason for this is that they are attempting to keep up with TikTok, which is primarily comprised of reels. Making reels is a great way to share more in-depth tutorials on topics you are passionate about. Another tip is to use subtitles when creating talk-through videos. When you use subtitles, it is easier for viewers to follow and stay engaged in your video content.

6. Post consistently

One of the most important lessons you should take away from this blog post is the importance of posting on a consistent basis. The creation of a weekly posting schedule will hold you accountable for posting on a regular basis. Maintaining consistency in your uploads will help you stay relevant and will allow your content to appear on the home pages of your followers. It will generate a more natural push, and in the long run, it will result in the greatest increase in your follower count and engagement rate.

7. Have a visually consistent feed

If you use the above tip to create a posting schedule, you can also use that schedule to make your page look visually cohesive. If you want to build a brand for yourself, having a visually appealing Instagram can help because it allows your followers to get a better sense of your overall aesthetic. Using this method allows for more control over which photos to post and what types of photos to take to create a cohesive feed.

8. Participate or host a giveaway

Giveaways are an excellent way to work with another Instagram account or by yourself to increase engagement. It can assist you by increasing your follower count and engagement on your post. People are drawn to the possibility of winning something for free, so giveaways encourage natural traffic to your Instagram post/page. Giveaways are also a natural way to grow because most giveaway rules require you to follow your account and like the post, resulting in more traffic to your account. Participants who post it to their story for an extra chance to win the giveaway will increase the reach of the post, which will encourage even more engagement.

9. Enticing Instagram carousels

Instagram has a feature that allows you to post multiple photos at once. This is a great tool to utilize to create an aesthetic photo for the first image to match your feed, and for the following ones to be informative or photos you would not normally post. If your viewers do not know you or you want to tell them something, now is the time. It all comes down to how much your followers like or are interested in following your journey.

10. Get to know your audience

A nice final tip to increase your Instagram engagement is you must get to know your followers. You can do this by using the tips above, using CTAs, creating polls in your Instagram stories, or by looking at your Instagram analytics to see who your followers are. But be aware of who your audience is, or who you want them to be. Many people started their Instagram accounts with no demographic in mind, simply posting content, which may have attracted a demographic you were not looking for, but there is always time to redeem yourself and tweak your content. While there may be a dip in engagement during the transition, it will allow you to better tailor your content once you have a better understanding of your ideal audience.


These 10 simple methods can all help you with increasing the level of engagement on your social media accounts. But, at the end of the day, use the platform to express yourself and have fun. People are drawn to people who are passionate about what they do, so use these tips as a guide to help you along your Instagram journey. If you are interested in making Instagram a more serious hobby or career, click here to check out our platform to sign up as an influencer or visit: https://app.embold.co/signup 

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