Reach niche and local audiences by implementing an influencer marketing strategy with Embold.


A network of influencers across Canada that have organic audiences, high engagement and advertiser-friendly content.


End to end management for influencer campaigns. We find, engage and
activate the right influencer.

Popular Campaigns

Product Launch

Campaigns that are centered around featuring a product and its features targeted to a specific audience. Influencers create content that will clearly have the product shown and capture their experience.

Grand Openings

Whether it be promoting an opening of a restaurant, store or a community, an influencer campaign can help create a buzz online and drive traffic to specific locations.

Social Media Awareness

Influencer campaign with a focus on increasing overall brand presence online. This involves having influences run campaigns directing traffic back to the brand’s social media page.

User Acquisition

Campaigns focused on acquiring new customers. Influencers utilize creative methods to create awareness and drive traffic to channels that help brands acquire new users. 

How we can help


We run campaigns that allow you to make the most of your marketing budget. We generate a comprehensive report for each campaign allowing you be sure you can see exactly how far each campaign is taking you.


We work alongside agencies allowing you to run influencer marketing campaigns for your clients. This gives you an effective method of advertising to supplement your companies offerings


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