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Leverage the Rapidly Expanding Industry

With low CPM’s, low production costs, and high engagement; Influencer marketing has grown to a $13 Billion market. More and more brands continue to approach agencies like yours to effectively implement campaigns.

Transform your Influencer Marketing

Leverage the Embold platform to gain analytics and insights that you won’t find anywhere else. Transform your influencer marketing into data driven campaigns that can drive awareness, customer growth, and acquisition. 

Reach Targeted Audiences
Using micro influencers, you can reach your customers through people who have a direct reach to your customers.
Gain Traction
Grow your online presence and engage customers by leveraging the creativity of popular influencers in your target markets.
Maximize Your Budget
Outperform traditional media and social media ads while increasing your engagement by up to 400%.

Popular Campaigns

Influencer campaigns can be launched for several initiatives. 

Acquire new customers with engaging content.

Is your startup perfect for young customers? Older customers? Work with influencers who have a direct reach to your audience. Aquisition campaigns contain trackable links, promo codes and other conversion tools.

Data Driven campaigns that convert.

Showcase a new product.

Influencers can create content sharing their experience with the new product and share it with their audience.

Put your product in the spotlight.

Turn influencers into, advocates.

Build long term relationships with influencers who love your work and are passionate about promoting your brand, products and more.

Ambassador and Advocate programs.

Self serve platform

Find the most suitable influencers and launch your own campaign.

Our team has built tools that allow you to create a successful campaign in minutes.

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