Reach new markets using top automotive influencers in Canada!

Embold works with the top micro influencers across Canada and can find and connect you with automotive influencers to promote your business.

Work with quality micro influencers in the automotive industry

Using automotive influencers within Canada can help your brand get the attention it deserves. Through influencer marketing, automotive influencers can promote your products within the automotive community. Tap into a market of unlimited potential by using our trusted influencers.

You’re in good company

Embold Customers
Reach Targeted Audiences
Using micro influencers, you can reach your customers through people who have a direct reach to your customers.
Engage New Audiences
Grow your online presence and engage customers by leveraging the creativity of popular influencers in your target markets.
Maximize Your Budget
Outperform traditional media and social media ads while increasing your engagement by up to 400%.

Influencer Engagement

The success of each campaign is dependant on the quality of influencers engaged in your campaign. Our team can identify the ideal automotive influencers for your brand.

Influencer Discovery
Our team will coordinate ideal influencers based on the customers you want to reach. 
Influencer Coordination
We have already filtered influencers and negotiated terms with influencers making it easy to run each campaign.

Popular Campaigns

With our roster of influencers, you can engage the most suitable automotive influencers for your campaign.

Product Launch

Campaigns with a focus on featuring your product and its features targeted to a specific audience. Ideal for expanding in existing markets, exploring new markets and building excitement ahead of your launch.

Grand Openings

Engage influencers in your target market who will create original content with a focus on promoting and building excitement ahead of your next big launch.

Brand Ambassadors

Influencers promote your brand over a series of posts and become strong advocates for your company. These long-form campaigns are great for brands looking to establish themselves as industry leaders.

User Acquisition

Campaigns focused on acquiring new customers by showcasing their experience with your brand and offering a clear path of conversion by using trackable links, promo codes and other calls to actions.

People Trust Peers, Not Ads

Work with influencers who have a direct reach to your customer.
Canadian Influencers

Filtered roster of local and micro influencers.

Data Driven

We find the most suitable influencers using social media analytics.

Affordable Campaigns

Campaigns can be scaled up or down to meet your budget.

Original Content

Influencers create original content about your brand.

Complete Reporting

Each campaign comes with a complete report of performance and analytics.

Brand Safety

We ensure your brand is protected and messaging is controlled.

Launch your influencer strategy

Make the most of your marketing budget
by launching an influencer strategy.