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Our team has the tools and the talent you need to run highly successful influencer marketing campaigns at scale.

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Reach Targeted Audiences
Using micro influencers, you can reach your customers through people who have a direct reach to your customers.
Engage New Customers
Grow your online presence and engage customers by leveraging the creativity of popular influencers in your target markets.
Maximize Your Budget
Outperform traditional media and social media ads while increasing your engagement by up to 400%.

The ultimate influencer platform

All the tools you need to run highly effective, data-driven campaigns in-house.
Campaign Management Platform
Influencer Discovery
Find the most ideal influencers for your campaign. Collaborate with thousands of quality Canadian influencers!
Campaign Management 
All the tools you need to build and manage campaigns in one place.
Reporting and Payouts
Measure the success of your campaign and pay influencers without leaving the platform.

Fully managed campaigns

Allow our team to do the heavy lifting. Our team can run an
effective campaign for your team without adding work on your plate.
Influencer Coordination
Our team will engage the most ideal influencers for your campaign.
Content Creation
Embold will manage the content creation to ensure all content meets the requirements you have set out.
Campaign Reporting
Monitor the performance of your campaign and calculate your return on investment. 

The most accessible influencer marketing solution in the world 

We’re building technology that makes influencer marketing accessible for all advertisers.

Flexible Campaigns Terms
Quality Influencers
Data Driven Campaigns

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Make the most of your marketing budget
by launching an influencer strategy.