Advertising Channel Comparison

Understand the results you can drive with your marketing budget.

Advertising Channels Overview

Key Benefits

Measuring KPI


Media Channels
Influencer Marketing
Original Content, Organic Reach
High Engagement
Campaign Management and Influencer Coordination
Instagram & Facebook
Paid Reach, Targeting, Simple
Low Engagement, Production Cost, Short Content Lifespan
Display Ads
Estimated CPM
Expensive, Broad Audience, Difficult to Track
Expensive, Production Costs, Difficult to Track

Comparisons by Average
Key Performance Indicators

Our team has compiled Key Performance Indicators from popular advertising channels so you can assess if this is right for you.  
  1. 1

    TV and Radio Advertising

    Check out how Embold measures up against TV and Radio Ads.

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  2. 2

    Instagram and Youtube Advertising

    Check out how Embold measures up against Youtube and Instagram Paid Ads.

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  3. 3

    Print and Out of Home Advertising

    Check out how Embold measures up against Print and Radio Ads.

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People Trust Peers, Not Ads

Work with influencers who are trusted by your customers.
Canadian Influencers

Filtered roster of local and micro influencers.

Data Driven

We find the most suitable influencers using social media analytics.

Affordable Campaigns

Campaigns can be scaled up or down to meet your budget.

Original Content

Influencers create original content about your brand.

Complete Reporting

Each campaign comes with a complete report of performance and analytics.

Brand Safety

We ensure your brand is protected and messaging is controlled.

You’re in good company

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