Different Types of Influencers

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Different Types of Influencers

With influencer marketing being an industry worth billions of dollars, it is important to understand the various types of influencers. This blog will be focused on the four types of influencers, their level of magnitude, and what style of marketing best suits their target audience. Choosing the right influencer, with the right following, for your campaign is crucial for the campaign’s prosperity. This is because each influencer type has a specific niche that they are able to target successfully. Keep reading to find out what type of influencer is right for you.

1. Nano-Influencer

Nano-influencers are the smallest type of influencer there is, with a following typically ranging between 1,000-5,000 individuals. These types of influencers can have an impact on a specific community or within their own local community. This can be someone who is a community leader or even a government official. The main purpose of utilizing nano-influencers is to have that personal connection with their audience. Due to nano-influencers having such a small and intimate following, they have increased authenticity in their relationships with their followers and thus have the highest level of engagement per post. Despite the benefits of having the potential for real-life relationships between followers, nano-influencers may not be the best choice if you are looking to reach a larger audience.

2. Micro-Influencer

Micro-influencers are typically individuals with between 1,000-100,000 followers. This type of influencer focuses on more niche or geographic areas, and can also develop those more authentic relationships with their followers. They are often seen as people with powerful and trustworthy opinions, because of the relationship built with their audience. While one of the most noted disadvantages of working with micro-influencers is the fee associated with working with them, Embold works to ensure that this is not the case. When using the Embold platform, you will have access to influencer analytics, as well as our suggested pricing per post for influencers, in order to determine a fair cost. At Embold, we specialize in working with micro-influencers as we have seen the value they bring to any campaign. With micro influencers, their reach within their audiences results in high levels of engagement per post.  

3. Macro-Influencer

A macro-influencer is one step down from a celebrity-influencer. This type of influencer typically has a following of between 100,000-1 million individuals. Macro-influencers typically develop their fame via the internet – whether it be through YouTube, Instagram, or another social media platform. While this group of influencers does not have as much of an authentic relationship with their followers as nano and micro-influencers do, they are perfect if you want to reach a larger audience. This can be an audience with more general or broad specifications, such as females, animal lovers, and so on.

4. Celeb-Influencer

A celeb-influencer is the biggest type of influencer within social media. Their following ranges within the millions, and have a very diverse audience with varying topics of interest. With a celeb influencer, you lose that more authentic interaction with their followers, as there is such a sizable amount. Considering how celeb-influencers have such a vast outreach that can bring substantial attention to any campaign they are promoting, you will be expecting a very high compensation request from these influencers. Another downside to using celeb-influencers is that despite the countless followers they have, their posts do not convert as well as nano or micro-influencers, due to their followers being shuffled into multiple demographic and psychographic categories. The most ideal use of celeb-influencers is for products that can be marketed to the masses and can be relevant to a broader scope of demographics.

Knowing what type of influencer you are looking for is the first step in creating a successful campaign. Interested in having micro-influencers represent your brand? To start an influencer campaign today, click here or visit us at: https://embold.co/getstarted/



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