Launch your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Join innovative brands who are maximizing their budgets by incorporating influencers into their marketing efforts.

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Self Serve Platform

    You’re in good company

    Embold Customers

    Micro influencer campaigns for your clients

    Product Launch

    Campaigns with a focus on featuring your product and its features targeted to a specific audience. Ideal for expanding in existing markets, exploring new markets and building excitement ahead of your launch.

    Grand Openings

    Engage influencers in your target market who will create original content with a focus on promoting and building excitement ahead of your next big launch.

    Brand Ambassadors

    Influencers promote your brand over a series of posts and become strong advocates for your company. These long-form campaigns are great for brands looking to establish themselves as industry leaders.

    User Acquisition

    Campaigns focused on acquiring new customers by showcasing their experience with your brand and offering a clear path of conversion by using trackable links, promo codes and other calls to actions.

    Launch your influencer strategy

    Make the most of your marketing budget
    by launching an influencer strategy.