How Agencies Can Offer Influencer Marketing to Clients

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How Agencies Can Offer Influencer Marketing to Clients

Influencer marketing is a continuously growing business and offering this service to clients is an effective way to boost sales. Having influencer marketing as part of your agency is a great additional source of revenue and can be included as part of billing. By using influencers to represent brands, agencies can consequently offer greater value to companies looking to collaborate.

As an agency, it can be challenging to know the best methods to offer influencer marketing to clients, so here are a few tips to help.

Your Agencies Service Offering

A great way to incorporate influencer marketing within your agency is by having it as a service offering that your agency fully manages. While this is a great way to keep everything in-house, we know how difficult this can be as Embold started as an agency. Here are a couple of reasons why offering influencer marketing internally is not always ideal:

  • Difficult to manage. Being an agency is an already overwhelming task as you have countless brands you work with on a daily basis. On top of daily operations, this would be an additional task resulting in double the work. The additional work would include finding the appropriate influencers to work with your clients, negotiating fair compensations, and managing each individual’s influencer campaigns. This can become extremely time-consuming and overwhelming.
  • Do not have the necessary tools. A disadvantage of managing influencer campaigns on your own is not having access to the necessary tools to ensure a successful campaign. Some of these essential tools include access to audience data and reporting. Having access to these tools before starting a campaign, as well as during the campaign, is extremely important. The importance of having this information before the campaign is that the businesses looking for an influencer will see the level of engagement the influencer has per post. This helps companies understand whether the influencer has the right reach for them. It is also crucial to have access to this audience data and reporting during the campaign so that businesses can see the progression of their campaign and know if there are any necessary changes they must make before the completion of their campaign.

Using the Embold platform is a great way to incorporate influencer marketing within your agency without the hassle. At Embold, we work to make things easier for agencies to run an influencer marketing campaign successfully. Here are a few ways Embold helps agencies:

  • Access to our self-serve platform. At Embold, we give you the freedom to fully manage influencer campaigns while still having access to all of our influencer marketing tools. This allows for your clients to be able to design their campaigns without any restrictions. Being the only platform you need to run a campaign makes Embold the ideal solution. While our self-serve option is the most favourable choice for agencies, we also offer fully managed campaigns if you need a little extra help.
  • Access to audience data and analytics. By using the Embold platform, businesses looking to collaborate with you will have access to influencer audience data and analytics to monitor their campaigns. They will have access to analytics before choosing an influencer and have continued access to all reporting after the campaign launch. As a result, brands will be able to see the level of engagement each influencer receives on posts and can choose the right influencer to represent their brand. During the campaign, the businesses will have real time access to reporting and analytics to monitor the campaigns progress continually. This allows them to have the opportunity to make any changes necessary.
  • Influencer compensation has never been easier. Understanding how much an influencer should be compensated for a campaign can be difficult. At Embold, we do the heavy lifting for you. Depending on your campaign type, length of the campaign, and influencer analytics, we calculate the suggested compensation each influencer should receive. After the campaign is over, paying the influencer is as easy as a few clicks. All of our influencers have either their bank account or PayPal directly linked to their profiles, making payment an easy task.

In current times, social media is a central part of many individuals’ lives, and so incorporating influencer marketing into your agency can increase the level of partnerships your agency receives. With a platform like Embold, you have the opportunity to maximize all the benefits of influencer marketing without the hassle. Join our self-serve platform today by clicking here or by visiting:

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