How Influencers Can Catch the Attention of Brands

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How Influencers Can Catch the Attention of Brands

Now that you have read our blog on ‘How Canadian Influencers are Working with Brands in 2022!’ (if you haven’t read this blog yet, click here), it is time to dive into how you can engage brands. Being a successful influencer is dependent on how receptive brands are to your content. Read more to find out how to create content guaranteed to stop brands in their track.

Here are the 5 P’s of influencer marketing:

1. Photography

When brands start looking to work with you, your content is one of the most significant factors in deciding if you are the right fit. Companies are looking for original, and eye-catching content that they know will do an amazing job in representing their brand. Creating great content through images does not mean you have to be an expert photographer, but it is important to understand lighting and editing to elevate your images.

2. Pricing

With a platform like Embold, we allow you to set your own price. This means you get to decide what you believe is fair compensation per post on your feed and story. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that your pricing must also reflect the number of followers you have as well as the amount of engagement you receive per post. You will be competing against other influencers, so your price must be both fair and competitive. Ensure that you do not set your price too high if you have limited followers and lower engagement. While the Embold platform allows you to set your own wage, brands may counteroffer based on what they think your content is worth. Remember, if you have creative content and have set your compensation to a reasonable amount, you will have a higher approval rate.

3. Pay Attention

When you finally secure a collaboration with a brand, it is vital to pay attention to what they are asking for. While many brands will be looking for influencers with creative and unique content, ensure that you are still following the brands requirements. It may not be the time to try out different concepts and formats during a collaboration; save your experimentation for personal posting.

4. Prep

While waiting for brands to reach out to you, it is important to prep for when you do get that collaboration you have been waiting for. This means research! Keep up to date on new trends that are coming out so you can ensure you are exploring new ways to keep your audience engaged. Another great way to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward is by following other influencers and seeing how they make their content engaging. Another great way to prep is by continuously exploring tools that can help you out. Tools like Planoly provide  auto-schedule posts, editing tools, and tools within Instagram such as story features.

5. Practice

It can be beneficial to be actively posting content while you are waiting for a brand collaboration. We recommend posting content 2-3 times a week. To have optimal engagement, we also recommend posting between 11 AM-3 PM. Being active on your social media can help increase your influencer rating, resulting in more brands reaching out to you.

Many influencers are using Embold to help increase brand collaborations. With our Embold platform, we ensure that you are connected with brands you love and whose vision you share. Our platform is influencer-friendly, and we work to make sure you get the most out of it. Why wait? Join our influencer roster by clicking here or visiting:

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