How Influencers Can Share Your Brands Message

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How Influencers Can Share Your Brands Message

Influencer marketing campaigns are a great way to reach audiences in a specific niche, geographic region, or a particular demographic. When running a campaign, influencers can create content for your brand in multiple ways. It is important to understand who your target audience is, as this will give you a better understanding of the different ways influencers might post content. When starting an influencer campaign, ensure that you discuss with the influencer what type of format you are looking to have content in beforehand. Keep reading to learn more about the different ways influencers can share your brand’s message.

1. Pictures

If your brand has a product that needs to be showcased, having influencers take pictures and posting them  on their feeds is a great way to gain awareness. When posting pictures, not only does the quality of the picture matter – the lighting, the product placement, etc. – but so does the caption. Ensure that influencers are using key messaging in their captions as well as a call to action, which will help drive sales.

2. Videos/Reels

By using videos or Instagram reels, influencers can showcase a product or service in action. This is a fun and creative alternative to posting pictures, as many people enjoy watching a short video compared to reading a picture caption. A video can articulate the function of a product or service in an active way, which can be engaging to audiences.

3. Reviews

When an influencer is a part of an influencer campaign, their personal testimonials often drive audiences to purchase or sign up. This is because people trust peers and not traditional advertisements. Seeing an influencer advocate for a product authentically will show audiences that not only is the product something desirable, but so is the brand.

4. Instagram Live

A live stream is often best if influencers are participating in a campaign for a grand opening. This gives audiences a more behind-the-scenes look at what is happening and can build excitement for the new store. Using this feature is also a great way to have influencers interact and respond to audience questions in real-time. 

5. Unboxing

Doing an unboxing is a fun way for audiences to follow along in the excitement of receiving a new product. Typically, an unboxing goes hand in hand with influencer reviews because as the influencer unboxes products, they may choose to try them right away and share their immediate thoughts. This is also an excellent  way for influencers to show their genuine reactions, which typically results in a better response from audiences as they can see the authentic love for a brand and its products.

6. Contests

Contests are a great way for audiences to engage with influencers and brands. If an influencer is running a contest for a brand, they will have access to the desired target audience, drumming up a positive response within their desired customers. By having a contest, excitement will build about a brand’s product.

7. Influencer Takeover

One of the best ways to drive interest to your company’s Instagram page is through a takeover. A portion of the influencer’s audience will follow your brand’s page to see their favourite influencer in action. This, in turn, will drive traffic to your page, as well as to specific links, which will increase engagement for your brand.

The type of influencer campaign you are planning to run will most likely decide the best content to post. If your company is just starting out, pictures, videos, reviews, and unboxings might be the most beneficial to build brand awareness and engage audiences. With the Embold platform, we offer fully managed campaigns where we help you with all the big decisions. What are you waiting for? Launch an influencer marketing campaign by clicking here or by visiting:

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