How to Create an Aesthetic Instagram Account

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How to Create an Aesthetic Instagram Account

Now that you know How to Take the Perfect Instagram Picture (if you haven’t read this blog yet, click here), it is time to make your Instagram account look aesthetically pleasing. Getting the perfect picture is the first step, but knowing how to make all of your images on your account look cohesive is the next step. This gives your account a nice and polished finish that is sure to attract the attention of any brand. Having a visually pleasing Instagram account leaves a lasting impression not only on brands but also on your followers. People visiting your page are more likely to follow you as they will be more interested in the content you have to post because it is visually appealing. Use these tips and tricks to create an aesthetic Instagram account!

1. Choose Your Aesthetic

The most important feature of an aesthetic Instagram is knowing what kind of aesthetic you want to portray. To get an idea of what type of aesthetic you want for your account, take a look at your favourite pages for inspiration. You can choose to have a dark and moody theme, a light and airy one, or choose to design your aesthetic with hints of one colour in all of them. Maintaining fonts and textures throughout your Instagram feed and stories can help keep up a polished look on your page. Using a content scheduling platform can help you visualize how images will look on your feed and help you determine the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

2. Finding Content

Knowing what type of aesthetic you want for your account can help you pick out pictures from your account. Creating images for your aesthetic can often be time-consuming and difficult to maintain continuously posting content.  Finding stock photos is the perfect way to make sure your account keeps the aesthetic look while maintaining engagement by continually allowing you to post. Great sites to find royalty-free pictures are Unsplash and Pexels.

3. Using Filters

In order to keep that continuous aesthetic look, using filters can help that. You may find a picture or take a photo that you think is perfect for your feed but doesn’t have the proper lighting. By editing your pictures, you can make sure they all have the same look to them. Sites such as VSCO allow you to create your own filters, so you can ensure all of your images have the same look. It is important to note that pictures with differing contrasts, lighting, or temperatures will require different filter settings to achieve the same look.

4. Plan & Preview

While finding the perfect pictures for your feed is half the battle, it is also essential to see the final look of your feed. Seeing how your posts look alongside each other can help you see if certain posts are worth uploading. To learn more about the Best Instagram Content Scheduling Platforms, click here. When looking at your content, try to ensure that the content is not too repetitive and that there is variety in the types of images. A great way to do this is by placing busier images next to more plain-looking images. These plain-looking pictures can either be a focussed shot on a single subject or content with a solid background and simple writing.

By creating the aesthetic Instagram of your dreams, you can start grabbing the attention of followers and brands alike! Signing up through the Embold platform gives you access to collaborations with some of your favourite brands. Now that you know how to create the ultimate Instagram profile sign up on the Embold platform today by clicking here or by visiting:

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