How to Increase Instagram Engagement

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How to Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram is one of the key social media platforms that has roughly one billion users. With this many users, it is crucial to stand out and maximize the amount of engagement you receive per post. Having so many users on Instagram can often mean that your posts get lost in the sea of other influencers’. Has your engagement on your posts been low recently? Don’t worry; this is completely normal and can happen if you aren’t using Instagram’s features to their fullest expense. An engagement rate of roughly 5% is considered “good”, but keep reading to find out how you can get your engagement rate to be “great” and make the most of your Instagram page.

1. Post Consistently

One of the most important factors to increasing engagement is knowing when to post, and consistently do so. Posting regularly allows you to continuously give your followers more opportunities to engage with your content the more of your content they are seeing, the more likely they are to seek out your content in the future. We recommend that you post roughly 3 times a week to stay consistent with your followers. Knowing what time to post and what days of the week is also critical. We recommend posting between 11AM-3PM, and have found that Wednesdays yield the highest engagement.

2. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are an easy way to get increased engagement. Since the release of Instagram stories, it was found that 62% of Instagram users became more interested in influencers and brands. Only posting content on your story is only half of it. Make sure to use the story functions that Instagram has to offer. That means using stickers, polls, locations, and any other features found on stories.

3. Use Hashtags

Using hashtags correctly can really drive engagement on your posts, not only from your followers but also from other Instagram users searching for posts under specific hashtags. It is important that your hashtags do not come across as spam but instead serve a purpose. Use relevant hashtags to your post, the audience you are trying to reach, or what is trending at the time. While there is no perfect number of hashtags to use, it was found that around 11 hashtags are the ideal amount.

4. Post Videos/Reels

Videos are a great way to increase engagement – so much so that they receive 38% more engagement than images. There is success with using videos because they are eye-catching and show an authentic side. Even better than videos is the use of reels. Last year, Instagram came out with reels, and they have proven to be extremely effective in engaging users. Since this is a newer feature of Instagram, posting reels effectively boosts your content and reaches the eyes of more viewers.

5. Step Up Your Caption Game

One of the ways that your post-performance is gauged is by “time spent per post”. This is the measure of how long someone spends on your post – the longer, the better it is for you. By having a long and engaging caption, you can increase your post-performance. Ways to keep your followers engaged in your content is by being authentic in your caption. Followers aren’t interested in reading overdone, impersonal captions. Add your own flair and show a piece of your personality in your captions.


Try these tips out and watch your engagement increase. By increasing engagement on your posts, you become more desirable to brands looking for influencers in their marketing campaigns. This is because the greater your reach to your followers is, the more people a brand’s product and services are likely to reach. By signing up with Embold, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the brands you love. Sign up today by clicking here or by visiting:

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