How to Launch a Successful Giveaway

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How to Launch a Successful Giveaway

Utilizing giveaways is an important process in social media marketing. The process of creating a giveaway can be overwhelming but following these basic steps will help make the process manageable.

1. Evaluate your end goal

Determining your end goal is typically one of the final steps in most blog entries. However, we put it first because defining your end objective is vital to making decisions for the next six steps. It’s critical to understand why you are doing this in the first place. Is the giveaway intended to promote your brand in order to increase the number of followers and engagement on your page? Is the goal of this giveaway to increase sales? Is the purpose of the giveaway to promote your brand and to inform your existing followers about your company’s mission and vision? These are all crucial questions to consider before launching your campaign. 

Quick tip on engagement: The number of individuals who follow your account divided by the total amount of engagement (likes, comments, saves, and shares) equals engagement. This is an excellent approach to see if the content you’re posting is relevant to your target demographic. Strong engagement is defined as a rate of engagement between 1% and 5%.

2. Pick a product

After deciding on the aim of the giveaway, you must select a product to advertise and give away in order to reach your ultimate goal. For example, if the purpose of the giveaway is to promote a new product that is about to be released and to provide early access to a handful of your followers, then choose that product. Selecting a product based on your ultimate objective is your greatest bet for completing your giveaway purpose and launching a successful giveaway.

3. Determine entry criteria

It is critical to refer to your end aim for this phase. Keep in mind why you want people to interact with your giveaway. If you want to increase the number of followers and interaction on your company’s Instagram account, include a criterion that you must follow the main account, as well as BONUS entries when shared to their story to help bring more people to your page and raise awareness of the giveaway. If the eventual goal is to increase sales, make sure people are following your account, engaging with the post, and saving it. Saving the post will establish an internal recall, so that when the user looks through their saves, they will see your post and be reminded of your brand and/or product.

4. Create content

When creating the content that will be used to promote your giveaway, make sure it is clean, simple, and eye-catching. Make something that people will feel comfortable publishing on their story (if you are adding in extra entries when they post to their story). If you include influencers to advertise the giveaway, make it clear that all influencers participating must have a consistent theme to ensure consistency across all posts and that the content they create complement your brand’s existing identity. If you aren’t using influencers for your giveaway, you can ignore this recommendation.

5. Create a timeline

Making a timeline will give individuals a sense of urgency when they view the giveaway post and will push them to interact with it as soon as they see it. People work well under pressure. Make a note in the description of when your giveaway will end, and no further entries will be allowed. Making a timeline can also assist the influencers you work with in staying on track with their content development and posting schedule.

6. Launch giveaway and promote it

Once you have completed all of the above stages, you are ready to launch the giveaway and begin promoting it on Instagram. If you are using influencers to promote your giveaway make sure to notify each influencer a few weeks in advance to ensure everyone is creating the correct content and understands the desired timeline and expectations.


Now that you know the 6 stages to launching a successful giveaway, it is time to start promoting your brand. Utilizing these strategies for your instagram contest are extremely important to having it run smoothly. If done correctly you can have immense results, with increasing your level of engagement, bringing in more sales, and gaining followers. Ready to start using influencers to promote your brand? Book a consultation with a member from our team today by clicking here or by visiting: 

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