How to Measure Success for Automotive Brands

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How to Measure Success for Automotive Brands

Measuring the performance of an automotive company versus a fashion brand can be very different. This is primarily due to pricing disparities. It is critical to recognize that no one will swipe up and buy a car on the spot. Instead, it is likely that they will swipe up to learn more about the brand, follow it on social media, and save the photo to be able to buy it later. With this information, we hope to use this knowledge to educate the audience and generate leads while engaging them in the buying process. It is critical to design your campaign in such a way that individuals within your target market will be enticed to visit your page and sign up for your newsletter or some other piece of information that will keep them coming back when they are ready to buy the vehicle.

Metrics to Track

Make sure to fully communicate your end goal to your influencers when you launch the campaign. This is a crucial step in the process since promoting an automotive brand differs significantly from promoting low-cost material goods. The type of material created by influencers will be aimed towards promoting your main goal. For example, if your goal is to increase the number of interactions on your page and/or convey information about a new product, you will need to enlist the help of influencers to develop content that can be measured using their metrics. The metrics you will be looking for are the number of shares, saves, and comments they have. These all indicate that their followers are either sharing the content with a friend or family member, discussing certain aspects of the post, saving the content to view later, adding to their vision board, are interested in learning more about the product later, and leaving comments. Comments are a fantastic method for other followers to see that the post has piqued their interest and that they are engaging with it, hence drawing in more attention to the specific model of your brand.

How to Engage Audiences

Ways to make all these increased analytics happen are one; focusing on the influencers creating quality content that will be interesting which will encourage them to comment, share and save the post and two; creating a Call to Action (CTA). A CTA is when an influencer creates a caption that is either an open-ended question or that directs people to their bio to click a link and read more. When creating a CTA, it is important to emphasize that it must feel authentic and be a natural progression from the post. If the CTA is forced and does not progress naturally, it may do more harm than good, driving followers away rather than attracting them to learn more about the campaign.

Hosting an automotive brand campaign is very different from a regular eCommerce-styled campaign. Understanding the proper way to promote the brand and how to efficiently use the influencers at your disposal is more crucial than getting the correct analytics from them. Using a CTA, and wording that will entice their followers to want to learn more about your company will be the main way to measure success. If you are interested in scheduling a demo on how to further leverage influencers for your campaigns, click here.

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