How to Measure Success for Food and Beverage Brands

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How to Measure Success for Food and Beverage Brands

Understanding the distinctions between your food and beverage sector and how it compares to other markets is the first step toward determining your success. Food and beverage industries are unique in that they are edible, which means that customers will purchase your product based on its appearance and how it is described. This is critical to understand because quality photography and captions will be critical to your success. Influencers should be leveraged in such a way that individuals in your target market are motivated to purchase your product and/or share brand information with their following.

Metrics to Track

When launching the campaign, make sure to thoroughly communicate your end goal to your influencers.  Influencer-created content will be geared toward boosting your brand’s core objective. If your goal is to increase revenue by attracting customers or having them order your goods online, for example, you will want influencers to provide content that encourages such behaviour. The amount of shares, saves, and comments influencers receive per post are the metrics you will be looking for. These all indicate that their followers are either sharing the content with a friend or family member, discussing certain aspects of the post, saving the content to view later, are interested in learning more about the product later, and leaving comments. Comments are a fantastic method for other followers to see that the post has piqued their interest and that they are engaging with it, hence drawing in more attention to the specific product being advertised. As well, another important metric to look out for is the number of visitors to your website once the campaign has been initiated, as these will indicate whether the content is working. 

How to Engage Audiences

In order to ensure that the previously mentioned analytics become a reality, it is important to one; focus on influencers creating high quality content that will be interesting and engaging to their followers, thus encouraging them to comment, share and save the post and two; creating a Call to Action (CTA). A CTA is when an influencer creates a caption that is either an open-ended question or one that directs people to their bio to click a link and read more. When creating a CTA, it is important to emphasize that it must feel authentic and be a natural progression from the post. If the CTA is forced and does not progress naturally, it may do more harm than good, driving followers away rather than attracting them to learn more about the campaign.


Hosting a food and beverage campaign should be enjoyable and stress-free; try not to put too much pressure on the influencers and allow them to share their enthusiasm for your business naturally. Understanding how to properly promote your brand and how to make the most of the influencers available to you is critical to getting others to fall in love with the products you sell. The number of purchases and site interactions will be used to determine your success, therefore make the most of them. If you are interested in scheduling a demo on how to further leverage influencers for your campaigns, click here. 

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