How to Run Branded Content Partner Campaigns

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How to Run Branded Content Partner Campaigns

Influencer marketing helps to elevate brands and reach audiences on a more personal level. Influencers have a more intimate connection with the particular demographic you are trying to target because their followers are more likely to listen to testimonies from influencers versus advertisements. In order to ensure that you are utilizing influencer marketing to the best of its abilities, it is important to understand how to successfully run a branded content partner campaign.

Types of Influencer Campaigns

It is important to pick the right campaign to represent your brand in order to maximize engagement. With Embold we offer a variety of campaigns for you to choose from.

  • Product Launch Campaigns: These types of campaigns are ideal if you are looking to feature your product and target a specific audience. It is ideal for expanding in existing markets, exploring new markets, and building excitement ahead of your launch.
  • Brand Ambassador Campaigns: This type of campaign is when influencers are used to promote your brand over a series of posts and thus becoming a strong advocate for your company. This is typically a long-form campaign which is great for brands looking to establish themselves as industry leaders.
  • Grand Opening Campaigns: If you are looking to engage influencers in your target market who will create original content, then this campaign is right for you. This campaign is focused on promoting and building excitement ahead of your next big launch.
  • User Acquisition Campaigns: This form of campaign is focused on acquiring new customers by showcasing their experience with your brand and offering a clear path of conversion. This is done by using trackable links, promo codes, and other calls to action.

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For those looking for a more hands-off experience, we also have a self-serve platform. This platform is a great way for brands to run their own campaigns while also having access to all of the tools on our Embold platform. Some of the tools you will have access to are:

  • Access to a filtered roster of Canadian influencers
  • Managing influencers and their content
  • Get reporting and influencer analytics
  • Paying influencers with just a few clicks

These features are discussed in more detail below.

How to Manage Influencers

Influencers meeting requirements

It is important that the influencers you choose for campaigns reflect your brands image and share similar values. At Embold, it is encouraged that influencers collaborate with brands they already know and love, or ones that reflect their own personal interest. This is because it helps with engagement per post as those following influencers often share the same interests. Another important requirement for influencers to have is good audience data. Influencers with low audience data, such as low engagement per post, will not be an effective use of influencer marketing.

Compensation and terms

Compensation depends on an influencer-to-influencer basis. It relies on the number of followers an influencer has, the amount of engagement they receive per post, and the length of the campaign. Campaign lengths in terms of influencers are dependent on how many times a month you would like them to post content. Another important factor in regard to compensation and terms is to ensure that the terms of the contract are as clear as possible. This should be about how many times a month you would like them to post content, what type of content you are looking for, and the type of messaging you would like associated with the content. While a large part of influencer marketing is allowing influencers to express their creativity by producing original content for your brand, it is important to set general guidelines of what you are looking for. This will help to avoid confusion, and ensure that your brand is being advertised in a meaningful way.

Campaign payouts

Similar to what was mentioned in ‘compensation and terms’, it is important to be clear about how much influencers will be paid, as well as how often they will be paid. This can be on a per post basis, twice a month, or at the end of the campaign. What is important is that this is made clear to influencers from the start in order to avoid any confusion. With a platform such as Embold, these campaign payouts are extremely easy to do, and can be done in just a few clicks. Influencers have their bank accounts or PayPal directly linked with their Embold profiles, so brands are able to pay directly through the platform.


When working with influencers, it is important to receive up to date reports from them. Before choosing to work with an influencer, it is beneficial to have access to their audience data to ensure that they have the level of engagement you are looking for. Knowing how much engagement an influencer has per post is also beneficial to understand the appropriate wage for them. During campaigns it is necessary to have continuous reporting of how posts are doing in order to understand the impact of the advertisements and whether there are any necessary adjustments that need to be made for the remainder of the campaign. Thus, when working with influencers, ensure that you are receiving complete reports of performance and analytics.


Influencers are an amazing way to elevate your brand. If you follow the aforementioned steps, you are guaranteed to have a smooth and successful collaboration with influencers. With influencer marketing being a growing industry, it is especially crucial to begin working with influencers to reach your more niche audiences. Why wait? Click here to book a demo with Embold and run branded content partner campaigns, or visit:

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