How to take an Instagram worthy picture

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How to take an Instagram worthy picture

A crucial component of every social media project is taking pictures. You must first be able to take aesthetically stunning images in order to interest your audience and drive traffic to your account. While at first it can be challenging to take the perfect picture, by following these simple, capturing photos will never be easier.

Tips on how to increase your photo quality

Use the right vessel

It is essential that the phone or camera you choose to use can capture high-quality images before you begin taking pictures. This is important because doing so will be quite helpful when it comes to editing and publishing pictures. The iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S22 are some examples of smartphones with excellent camera settings and the ability to take images of a high calibre. Despite the fact that many smartphones on the market today can take excellent pictures, it is important to pay attention to the camera’s precise specifications.

Adjust your brightness and contrast

You may improve a photo’s quality by using editing apps, especially when brightening and altering the contrast. The editing will vary depending on the photo or photos; some photos require more brightness, while others want more contrast. It all depends on the photo and the user’s preferences.

Use a tripod

When you are by yourself, it can be challenging to snap the perfect picture. A tripod comes in handy because you will not have anyone else to take a picture of you or the particular subject you are attempting to capture. When you do not have access to your hands, you can use a tripod as a stand to hold your phone while taking pictures. A tripod can also be used to steady a phone while recording video. Tripods are a terrific investment for capturing pictures because they can be utilized in many different photo and video opportunities.

Ensure the focal point of the photo is in focus

When taking images, beginners frequently make the error of forgetting to maintain the focal point’s sharpness. The area of the image that viewers should pay attention to is called the focal point. By clicking the photo’s focal point on your phone, you may maintain focus on that area while the picture is being taken.

Find an area with great lighting

One of the most crucial elements of taking a picture is the lighting. The quality of your photo can be significantly impacted by the lighting. No matter how much retouching is done, poor lighting makes a shot look low quality. The way a photo is illuminated can also affect how your audience will view it. A tripod or a close-range LED light of some kind are excellent sources of lighting when placed near a huge window.

Apps to use to increase photo quality


Brightness and contrast adjustments can be made using the excellent Lightroom software, which is available for both iOS and Android.


Facetune is an app that can be used to blur away certain areas of a photo and smooth out certain characteristics of a shot. It is available for both iOS and Android.


VSCO is an app found on both IOS and Android that can be used for a plethora of editing aspects but is more notably used to find great filters.


Learning to take the perfect picture takes a lot of trial and error, but through following these simple tips, you will become a professional in no time. Learning to take Instagram worthy photos will help to attract brands to your page, and in turn help with landing more paid collaboration opportunities. Why wait to launch your influencer career? Sign-up on the Embold platform by clicking here.

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