How to Take the Perfect Instagram Picture

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How to Take the Perfect Instagram Picture

Knowing how to take the perfect Instagram picture is a sure way to interest brands into collaborating with you. When brands are looking for an influencer to share their content, they are looking for someone who has the ability to take the perfect picture to showcase their product or service. By following these few tips, you can be sure to elevate your picture game, and catch the attention of your favourite brands. The best part? You don’t need a fancy camera! Use these tips and tricks to shoot from your phone.

1. Lighting

The lighting for your pictures is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Always try to use natural lighting versus using flash. Natural lighting creates brighter and richer photos in colour and detail, whereas flash can cause shadows and wash out the main focus of your picture. The best places to take pictures are in front of large windows or well-lit rooms, or if you want a soft glow in your photos, take them at either sunrise or sunset. Now you may be wondering what this means if it is dark out. Still, try to avoid using flash, and instead, try to find an ambient light source.

2. The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a composition principle that helps to balance your picture. One of the best ways to ensure that you are using the rule of thirds accurately is by turning on the grid lines on your camera. Using this technique, enables you to draw more attention to the subject of your picture by drawing your viewers’ eyes away from the center of the frame.

3. Viewpoint

Try different angles and viewpoints when you take your pictures. Instead of photographing from straight on, try working with overhead angles or getting lower to the ground and shooting upward. Most importantly, if you are trying to use different angles, make sure you line up the subject. Using grid lines can help make sure that your subject is still level regardless of the angle and will make sure your picture won’t look askew.

4. Add Depth/Layers

When taking a picture, it is easy to just focus on the subject of the photo. Try adding more layers, such as patterns or objects in the background – or foreground – to give your images more depth. You can add layers without drawing away from the main subject of your picture by using Portrait Mode on your phone. This allows you to still focus on your subject while slightly blurring out the added features in your background and foreground.

5. Be Creative

Most importantly, though, is to be creative! As an influencer, you have your own personal style, and ultimately that is what will attract brands. Find ways to add your own personal touch to your pictures, and brands are sure to love it.

Using these tips and tricks can help to elevate your profile and get the attention you deserve! By signing up on the Embold platform, you have access to collaborations with some of your favourite brands. Do you think you have made a winning Instagram profile? Sign up on the Embold platform today by clicking here or by visiting:



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