Ideal Influencer Campaigns for Food and Beverage Brands

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Ideal Influencer Campaigns for Food and Beverage Brands

Businesses can benefit from using influencer marketing to boost client confidence in brands, while also raising brand recognition. The food and beverage sector is one where influencer marketing campaigns has shown to have immense success. Although these concepts may first be challenging to comprehend, influencer marketing may be done through a variety of various types of campaigns. By leveraging influencer marketing, food and beverage brands can reach their target audiences through an effective campaign strategy.

Types of Influencer Campaigns

Product Launch Campaigns

A product launch is when a campaign is utilized to advertise a certain new product. When a new product is being released, product launch campaigns are excellent to implement. In the context of food and beverage brands, a product launch can be used when adding a new item to the menu. An influencer with content focused on food, such a food creator or a food blogger, would be the ideal fit for this campaign type. Selecting the right influencers is important when creating a campaign, as this allows for advertisements to be more personalized for the consumer. For instance, having a food blogger advertising a makeup product feels more “unnatural” than having a food blogger advertise a new food item on a menu.

Brand Ambassador Campaigns

A brand ambassador campaign is a marketing campaign that is being promoted by an influencer. An example of this would be a food product being promoted by a celebrity or influencer. These campaigns are a great choice to go with if you are looking for a specific influencer/influencers to advocate your brand. Launching a brand ambassador campaign is also a great way to ensure that your brand is receiving recognition on a continuous basis. Having influencers promote and represent your brand also builds social proof amongst your target audience.

Grand Opening Campaigns

A grand opening campaign would be the optimal choice for food and beverage brands to launch if they are interested in opening a new location. A grand opening campaign is a marketing initiative that advertises the availability of a new product or service at a new location. When choosing influencers for a grand opening campaign, it is important to make sure that they have the means to visit the store in person to promote the launch. Another important aspect is inviting influencers who would generally use or purchase the product being showcased at the grand opening. For example, if you are establishing a new restaurant, invite an influencer who specializes in food to your establishment.

User Acquisition Campaigns

A user acquisition campaign focuses campaign focuses on promoting new customers or signups using influencers. When launching a user acquisition campaign, it is important to select influencers with not only a higher following but a higher engagement rate for the best conversion.

How to Manage Influencers

Influencers meeting requirements

For any influencer campaign, choosing influencers that share your brand’s beliefs is advantageous since not only will the material created be of higher quality, but it will also appear more naturally in their feed. Additionally, choosing influencers that are appropriate for your business helps ensure that your adverts are seen by your target market. Examining an influencer’s following and engagement are important factors to take into account when choosing them. It is also crucial to know where the largest majority of an influencers following resides, as selecting an influencer with the majority of their followers found in Toronto when promoting a product that is only available in Calgary will not maximize the results of the campaign.

Compensation and terms

When it comes to influencer compensation, this should be made clear right away. You can also negotiate compensation, but it is important to make sure all the terms are clear, such as whether influencers will receive products/have access to the service, whether products will be shipped or if the influencer must purchase it themselves, or whether the influencer will need to travel. It is important to identify all these components before accepting an influencer into a campaign, as these factors can affect their compensation, as well as the extent to which they may be able to participate in a campaign.

Campaign payouts

Payouts for campaigns should be made promptly; within two weeks after the campaign has ended is a suggested window. By paying influencers out in a timely manner, this also reflects positively on your brand.


Once a campaign is over, it is crucial to keep track of the influencers’ metrics. It is important to keep internal records and understand what aspects of the campaign worked and what things did not work out so well. Understanding this allows your brand to apply that knowledge to future campaigns.


Now you know how to find the right campaign for your food and beverage brand. Why wait to launch an influencer marketing campaign? Book a demo with a member from the Embold team today by clicking here. 

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