Influencer Marketing for Fashion and Beauty Brands

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Influencer Marketing for Fashion and Beauty Brands

Influencer marketing is a growing industry with countless observable benefits for your brand. In the last few years, utilizing influencer marketing has grown in popularity, and brands that have been able to successfully leverage influencers to support their brand have seen exponential growth. Fashion and beauty brands have been able to reach a larger consumer base through the use of influencers, and have found that their sales have increased significantly. Understanding how influencer marketing works and how to select the right influencers for your brand is crucial in succeeding in this field. By finding the right influencers to represent your brand, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and make an impact within your niche. Keep reading to find out how your fashion or beauty company can use influencer marketing to take your brand to the next level.

The Right Campaign for Your Brand

Finding the right campaign for your fashion or beauty company is often difficult, so knowing the type of outcome you are looking for helps alleviate stress during the process. By understanding what your end goal is, selecting the right campaign will ensure a successful campaign.

  • Product Launch Campaigns: These campaigns are ideal if you are looking to feature your product and target a specific audience. It is ideal to expand in existing markets, explore new markets, and build excitement ahead of your launch.
  • Brand Ambassador Campaigns: This campaign is when influencers promote your brand over a series of posts and become strong advocates for your company. This is typically a long-form campaign which is great for brands looking to establish themselves as industry leaders.
  • Grand Opening Campaigns: If you are looking to engage influencers in your target market by creating original content, this campaign is right for you. This campaign is fixated on promoting and building excitement ahead of your next big launch.
  • User Acquisition Campaigns: This form of campaign is attentive to acquiring new customers by showcasing their experience with your brand and offering a clear path of conversion. This is done by using trackable links, promo codes, and other calls to action.

While this is our fully managed option, we also offer a self-serve option that allows businesses the creative freedom to plan and design their campaigns however they choose. Our self-serve option is more hands-off from the Embold team; however, you will still have complete access to all of our influencer marketing tools. To learn more about the self-serve offering, click here.

How Embold Can Help

Using the Embold platform is a great way to ensure that you are getting the perfect influencer to represent your brand. At Embold, we work to make things easy for fashion and beauty to find, manage, and collaborate with influencers. Here are a few reasons why Embold is the best choice:

  • A filtered roster of Canadian influencers. At Embold, our roster exclusively includes Canadian influencers. This is perfect for businesses looking to target local markets. You have the opportunity to choose which influencer to collaborate with and can filter based on regions to make sure your influencer is getting the most engagement for your brand. By using micro-influencers to market your brand within these target markets, you are able to reach a personalized group of individuals that traditional forms of marketing would be unable to do effectively.
  • Access to audience data and analytics. By using the Embold platform, you have access to all of the audience data and analytics to monitor your campaign. You will have access to analytics before choosing an influencer and have continued access to all reporting after the campaign launch. As a result, you can see the level of engagement each influencer receives on posts and choose the right influencer to represent your brand. During the campaign, you will have real-time access to reporting and analytics to monitor the campaign’s progress continually. This allows you to have the opportunity to make any changes necessary.
  • Influencer compensation has never been easier. Understanding how much an influencer should be compensated for a campaign can be complex. At Embold, we do the heavy lifting for you. Depending on your campaign type, length of the campaign, and influencer analytics, we calculate the suggested compensation each influencer should receive. After the campaign is over, paying the influencer is as easy as a few clicks. All of our influencers have either their bank account or PayPal directly linked to their profiles, making compensation an easy task.
  • Influencers are fully managed. While our influencers are given the creative freedom to publish unique and never seen advertisements, at Embold, we monitor and approve all messaging to ensure influencers are positively promoting your brand. This ensures that your e-commerce business image is continuously protected, while also allowing for unique material to be shared engagingly and positively.


Understanding how influencer marketing can help your fashion and beauty company is the first step in elevating your brand. With the countless benefits, influencer marketing has to offer, why wait to start a campaign? At Embold, we offer both fully managed campaigns and a self-serve option for your convenience. Want to learn more? Click here to schedule a demo or visit: 

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