Influencer Marketing for Food and Beverage Brands

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Influencer Marketing for Food and Beverage Brands

Food and beverage brands typically have some of the highest success rates when it comes to influencer marketing. Who doesn’t love food and drink? When running an influencer campaign, it is significantly easier to find high-quality influencers within this industry compared to other industries. Through understanding how influencer marketing can effectively promote the launch of a new restaurant, product, or food and drink service, your brand is guaranteed to run a successful campaign. Through influencer marketing, food and beverage brands can expand their reach into new markets and reach their desired target audience. If you want to learn more about how influencer marketing can benefit your brand, keep reading!

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

If your brand is new to incorporating influencer marketing into your advertising strategy, it is normal to have questions and wonder about its effectiveness for food and beverage brands. Below are a few reasons why influencer marketing is the most optimal form of marketing for your brand.

  • Reach more niche and/or geographic audiences. Influencer marketing is the ideal kind of advertising if you want to reach a more niche group of individuals or a certain geographic region. If you want to target new families for the opening of a grocery store in a family-friendly area, hiring influencers with family-focused content is ideal.. By using micro-influencers to market your brand within these target markets, you are able to reach a personalized group of individuals that traditional forms of marketing would be unable to do effectively.
  • Higher engagement from audiences. Influencers are an excellent approach to reach and engage your target market. Since the influencers who represent your brand have more personalised relationships with their followers, their followers are more likely to share similar interests with them. This means that when an influencer represents your brand, engagement per post is higher since they share something that the majority of their followers are interested in.The problem with using larger scaled influencers, or mass marketing, is that your brand’s advertisements are being spent on a large population of individuals who will not be interested in the products and services you are promoting. An important thing to consider is that engagement is highly dependent on the platform you are using. Depending on the influencer you are using to market your brand, will depend on the platform the campaign should be run on. If you are looking to target people who love a night out bar hopping or visiting new local eats, you are likely to get the most engagement through TikTok as the user base is younger compared to other platforms.
  • Greater long-term ROI. Using influencer marketing, you will end up with a greater return on your advertising dollars, as increased engagement from audiences will translate to greater conversion. With influencers representing your brand and having that personal connection with their audiences, your target customers are likely to have a higher brand affinity resulting in long-term brand loyalty. Using food and beverage influencers to promote your brand is extremely important, as these people are considered to be “industry experts” by their followers, so their reviews and suggestions hold a lot of weight. 
How Embold Can Help

Using the Embold platform is a great way to incorporate influencer marketing within your food and brand without the hassle. At Embold, we work to make things easier for advertisers to run an influencer marketing campaign successfully. Here are a few ways Embold helps brands:

  • Access to our self-serve platform. At Embold, we give you the freedom to fully manage influencer campaigns while still having access to all of our influencer marketing tools. This allows you to be able to fully design influencer campaigns without any restrictions. Being the only platform you need to run a campaign makes Embold the ideal solution. While our self-serve option is the most favourable choice for a more hands-off approach from Embold, we also offer fully managed campaigns if you need a little extra help.
  • Access to a filtered roster of Canadian influencers. Through the Embold platform, you will have access to our exclusive roster of Canadian influencers. This gives you the ability to filter through influencers based on region, engagement, and more! By having access to such an extensive range of influencers, you are guaranteed to find the perfect influencer to represent your brand.
  • Access to audience data and analytics. Using the Embold platform, will allow you to  have access to all influencer audience data and analytics to monitor their campaigns. You will have access to analytics before choosing an influencer and have continued access to all reporting after the campaign launch. As a result, you will be able to see the level of engagement each influencer receives on posts and have the ability to choose the right influencer to represent your brand. During the campaign, you will have real-time access to reporting and analytics to continually monitor the campaign’s progress. This allows you to have the opportunity to make any changes necessary.
  • Influencer compensation has never been easier. Understanding how much an influencer should be compensated for a campaign can be difficult. At Embold, we do the heavy lifting for you. Depending on your campaign type, length of the campaign, and influencer analytics, we calculate the suggested compensation each influencer should receive. After the campaign is over, paying the influencer is as easy as a few clicks. All of our influencers have either their bank account or PayPal directly linked to their profiles, making compensation an easy task.

With summer just around the corner, people will be looking for the best food and beverage places to visit. Food and beverage brands can optimize this by either promoting their restaurants, or if your brand is found at a retailer, it is ideal to promote your products as the only solution for a hot summer’s day, or the perfect snack to grab for a picnic. Using the seasons to your advantage can further leverage your brand, and it is guaranteed to help your influencer marketing campaign reach new heights. Influencers are a great way to reach specific audiences, receive higher engagement on advertisements, and maximize your investing dollar. Think influencer marketing is right for your brand? Click here to book a demo with a member from our team, or visit: 

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