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    We have a filtered roster of local and micro influencers. Each profile is analyzed and approved to join our network.

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Influencer requirements

All influencer profiles are monitored and filtered to ensure the highest quality of influencers.

Content is key. Influencers must be posting and creating content for each platform at least twice a month.

All influencers must display traction for their content. Profiles must meet our engagement requirements and the audience must be organic.

All influencer profiles are monitored for prohibited activity online to ensure the highest quality of influencers in our network.

Creators must meet our minimum audience size to qualify for an Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Why join our roster?

Here are a few reasons why thousands 
of influencers have joined Embold!

Stress Free

We simplify the process of working with brands and monetizing your social media following. Our team will find the right brands, negotiate requirements and manage the logistics for you.

Brand Affinity

We only want you to work with brands you are passionate about. We use data to find the most suitable campaigns for you and your followers.

Clear Compensation

We have spoken to hundreds of influencers to create a fair and competitive compensation formula. We analyze each profile in detail and assign fair compensation for each profile.

Influencer First

Influencers are at the heart of our business. We have built our processes with the needs of influencers in mind.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! You own your account, therefore, complete control of which campaigns you take on. 

Our services are completely free for influencers. We charge a service fee to advertisers for facilitating the campaigns. 

All influencers are paid after completing the campaign via Paypal or Direct Deposit. Payments are typically processed within 2 weeks of completing the campaign.

Influencers own the rights to all content created for each campaign. From time to time, brands may wish to purchase rights to reuse content created for a campaign. Rates and terms will be negotiated at that time.

You can work with other brands outside of Embold. However, you will not be able to promote a competitor from your collaborations for 30 day window before or after the campaign.

Influencers can sign up with an Instagram, TikTok or Youtube account.

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