Optimal Duration for an Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Optimal Duration for an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Each influencer marketing campaign is different, so there is no perfect way to determine the ideal length of a campaign. However, some key points should be kept in mind when creating a campaign. It is important that the content you are asking your influencers to post is not redundant and is kept fresh to continue engaging audiences. When selecting influencers for your campaigns, ensure that the content you are asking them to post fits naturally within their feed, as this will also help increase engagement. Understanding the influencer’s audience is extremely crucial as this will determine either a successful or unsuccessful campaign. Keep reading to find out the baseline length for any campaign!

Finding Influencers

Finding the best influencer for your campaign is one of the most critical aspects of the campaign process. There is a lot to consider, much of which revolves around their engagement, the type of audience they have, and the type of content they usually post. When searching for an influencer, this can be a tedious task, especially if this search for influencers is done manually rather than going through an agency or platform. With a platform like Embold, you can easily filter through influencers in order to find the right fit. Some filters located on the platform include: age, audience type, interests, and much more. Using these filters when searching for an influencer can help enable your campaign to be as successful as possible because you will be ensuring your content is reaching the right audience. This process often takes between 1-2 weeks as this gives influencers time to either accept or reject your campaign offer and allows you time to find replacements for those who are not continuing with your campaign.

Reviewing & Editing Content

The time it takes to review and edit content is highly dependent on the number of influencers you have for your campaign. We recommend spending roughly 1-2 weeks on this part of the campaign process; however, it should be adjusted according to the needs of your campaign. Having an estimated duration of time is ideal as it gives influencers ample time to create the content necessary for your campaign. This also gives you the opportunity to review and comment on any changes that need to be made before the campaign goes live, ensuring that the influencers have enough time to edit their content as necessary.

Posting Content

Now that your influencers have created their eye-catching content, it is important to schedule posts in a manner that does not bombard their followers with too much of the same thing. Having influencers post once per week ensures that the influencers can upload other content for their feed and make their campaign post flow seamlessly. Having this break in between posts, also lets audiences feel like they are not being forced advertisement after advertisement. We recommend that campaigns also have a variety of posts with stories. The optimal number that we have found is 2 feed posts and 2 story posts uploaded over the course of 2-3 weeks.

Remember to keep in mind that the above tips are a suggested baseline, and every campaign is different. Depending on the goals of your campaign, you may want to run a shorter or longer campaign, and therefore the time period can be adjusted slightly. It is important to keep in mind the time it takes influencers to create and post content. By rushing influencers, you are not guaranteed to have a successful campaign as influencers will not be able to post the best content possible. If you are ready to start a campaign and find the best influencers to represent your brand, book a consultation today by clicking here, or by visiting: https://embold.co/getstarted/

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