Fully Managed Campaigns

Embold uses our technology to make influencer marketing accessible to Canadian brands and agencies.

Campaigns to Fit your Budget
Our team has worked with Startups, SMB's and Enterprise clients in helping them run regional and national campaigns. 
No Surprise Fees
Our Influencer Compensation Algorithm can accurately predict the cost of each campaign so you never go over budget.
No Long-Term Commitment
We understand influencer marketing is a new strategy for many advertisers. Our team is able to start small and build together.

How Pricing Works

Our managed campaigns are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. We use a transparent approach to create each proposal, taking into account the following factors:
  1. 1

    Total Influencers

    The total number of influencers activated in your campaign.
  2. 2

    Content Deliverables

    The quantity and type of content each influencer creates for your campaign.
  3. 3

    Total Reach

    Total reach will determine the size of influencers engaged in your campaign: Nano, Micro, Marco.

Prefer a  Self-Serve Solution?

Launch an influencer strategy in minutes with our easy to use Self-Serve Platform.

Influencer Selection and Discovery
Campaign Management Suite
Content Submission and Review Portal
Complete Campaign Reporting

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