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Influencer Discovery

Use data to find and connect with quality influencers.

Quality Micro Influencers
Work with our 100% opt-in roster of influencers who have high engagement and quality content.
Filter by Audience
Use audience insights to collaborate with influencers who have a direct reach to your customers.
Influencer Demographics
Filter and find your ideal influencers using our demographic data including: Influencer income, education, employment and more. 

Manage your Campaigns

All the tools you need to build and manage influencer campaigns that drive results.

Engage Influencers
Connect with influencers by inviting them to your campaign or have influencers apply to your campaign on the marketplace.
Influencer Management
Review and monitor influencers for your campaign. Collaborate using our communication portal and ensure a smooth delivery of your campaign.
Content Management
Have influencers create engaging content to promote your brands to thousands of customers. Review all the content before it goes live.

Reporting and payouts

Simplify the admin work required in managing an influencer campaign.

Live Campaign Reporting
View and monitor the performance of your campaign as its shared.  
Simplified Invoicing
Pay one invoice instead of having to transact with and pay dozens of influencers individually.
Influencer Payouts
Pay influencers directly to their bank account or PayPal with a few clicks.

Access our network of influencers 

With Embold, you get access to our filtered roster of influencers.

High Engagement
Advertiser Friendly Content
100% Opt In Network
Organic Audiences

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