The Best Influencers for Fashion and Beauty Brands

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The Best Influencers for Fashion and Beauty Brands

With social media platforms allowing creators to send their messages virtually instantaneously, the fashion and beauty industry is evolving every day and faster than before. Understanding which influencers to choose in this fast-paced economy can be difficult at times, but by following these four simple tips, you will be able to think and perceive the market clearly.

Influencer Aesthetic

When selecting influencers for your brand, analyzing influencers’ aesthetic is crucial. An influencer’s aesthetic refers to the type of Instagram content they post. Look at how they organize their feed, how often they post, and what kind of content they create. Try to figure out how much care and authenticity they put into their content creation. This is just as crucial as the aesthetic of your own brand. It is important to keep an eye out for this if your brand places a high value on maintaining its aesthetic in keeping with a specific look or feel.

Type of Content

The type of content that the influencer creates is important to know because you want influencers who will help market your product to a following that is interested in content that is similar to what your brand produces. If you are a beauty brand, for example, and you create content that shows off your products in a natural, relatable way, look for influencers who share similar content. If that is the type of content your company creates, look for influencers who follow the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule states that they should create natural and authentic content for 80% of their content and ads or highly curated content for 20% of their content. Influencers who follow the 80/20 rule will bring a more authentic approach to your campaign, as well as provide a higher level of trust and respect among their followers.


The first step in this suggestion is to examine your brand’s values. Understanding your brand’s worth is critical since it will make it easier to choose influencers to work with and determine who your target demographic/market is. For example, if your business’s beliefs are to create genuine leather handcrafted products, you should avoid partnering with influencers that routinely advocate vegan products because it will give their followers the wrong impression and may harm your brand rather than help it. This comes down to knowing your needs and expectations from the influencers you choose, as well as the values you want to project through your social media marketing strategies.


What message do you want to make your consumers aware of? Analyze the market you are in and figure out what your customers want to hear. Look for patterns in the type of wording influencers use, as well as the types of fashion or beauty look your ideal customer adores. For example, everyone wanted influencers to offer tutorials on how to attain the “clean” aesthetic or the minimalist/capsule wardrobe near the end of 2021. All this was, was a basic, effortless cool-girl aesthetic that went by many names, but it was an important beauty/fashion trend to keep an eye on because it led to many brands refining their marketing to be more simplistic and elegant. By employing “blendable products,” “glowy finish,” and “weightless feeling,” beauty and fashion businesses began to push marketing to target a simple everyday look. All these simple marketing words served to promote the messaging that was both trending and a voice that the brand desired to promote. This increased sales and created a new market segment for existing brands to adapt to and new brands to emerge. This is just one example of many that made a significant impact.


Having gone over the four steps to selecting the ideal influencer for your beauty or fashion brand, you should have a better grasp of how to do it. You should now be able to see the importance of understanding your own values and how this can affect all stages of the influencer selection process as well as the campaign direction you choose for your business. If you are interested in learning more about influencer marketing click here to schedule a demo with a member of the Embold team.

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