The Campaign Process

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The Campaign Process

When your business is ready to create a campaign, it is essential to understand the campaign process. Knowing each of the steps and having an expected timeline can help to streamline the process. At Embold, when choosing a fully managed campaign, we help you make sure the campaign runs as smoothly as possible. It is important to be on top of the campaign process as a business to ensure content is created promptly and ensure that influencers are given enough time to create content that reflects the quality of your brand. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about the campaign process.

1. Campaign Creation


At Embold, we offer both fully managed campaigns as well as a self-service platform. In both cases, the campaign is designed, but with the fully managed option we can help you find the right campaign for your brand. During this part of the campaign process, you, the business, will brief our team at Embold. We will help you decide whether a Product Launch Campaign, Brand Ambassador Campaign, Grand Opening Campaign, or User Acquisition Campaign is suitable for your brand. To learn more about the different campaign types, read our blog on “How to Run Branded Content Partner Campaigns” by clicking here. This is also when the campaign timeline is set; you will decide when you want influencers to have content ready by, what do you want to start your campaign, and what day you would like the campaign to end. The final part of this portion of the campaign process is deciding who your target customer is. Once this has been identified, our team will create a list of potential influencers who have reached your target group.

2. Influencer Coordination

Our team will carefully select individuals from our exclusive roster of Canadian micro-influencers during this part of the campaign process. We will find influencers who have access to your desired target customers, with high engagement, and who are personally interested in your product or service during the influencer selection process. At Embold, we encourage our influencers to only work with brands they care about so that the content created is genuine and the creative process comes naturally to them.

3. Content Creation

Once you have selected your top candidates from our list of influencers, we will reach out to them and let them know they have been approved for the campaign process. The influencers will then create their content and submit it for review based on the set guidelines and timeline. We suggest giving influencers 1-2 weeks to create their content, as this will give them time to receive any products that were sent to them and travel if necessary for their content.

4. Approval

Once influencers submit their content for review, we recommend taking roughly one week to review the content and leave any suggestions for changes. This gives influencers enough time to make changes as necessary, and therefore the campaign will still be able to go live on the intended date. During the approval process, ensure that the content visually and aesthetically matches the look associated with your brand and that all messaging reflects the personal values of your brand.

5. The Delivery

The influencers do this step of the campaign process entirely. They will begin sharing their content on social media on the pre-approved days – this will often be done over the span of several weeks.

6. Reporting

After each story and feed post an influencer uploads, Embold will track that piece of content’s analytics. As the client, you will receive up to date analytics on each of the influencers a part of your campaign. These reports will provide you with the necessary information to see how the campaign is doing, who your content is reaching, and how much engagement influencers are receiving per post. 

The entirety of the campaign process ranges from anywhere between 4-6 weeks; however, this is subject to change based on the number of influencers used in a campaign, as well as your desired number of story and feed posts. Now that you understand the campaign process and how it works, are you ready to launch your own campaign? Schedule a consultation today and start the process by clicking here or by visiting:

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