The Ideal Number of Posts for a Campaign

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The Ideal Number of Posts for a Campaign

When creating a campaign for your brand, there is no magic number of feed and story posts guaranteed to get you the best results. Each campaign is different and requires a different number of posts often based on campaign length and the total number of influencers used in a campaign. While we cannot tell you the perfect number of feed and story posts an influencer should upload, we can tell you what has created the best results for our clients in the past.

How many feed and story posts should an influencer upload?

As mentioned before, there is no magic number however we have found that for a campaign spanning over the course of a month, 2 feed posts and 2 story posts are the most ideal. This way, an influencer’s feed is not overcrowded with advertisement content, and instead looks as though your products and services flow naturally in their feed. Having influencers upload 2 feed posts and 2 story posts, ensures that audiences are not overwhelmed with content and will be intrigued by the content the second time they see it because they are reminded of the first post. The number of feed and story posts an influencer upload is also highly dependent on the budget set for the campaign. Businesses wanting a large number of influencers but have a relatively smaller campaign budget should expect to have fewer feed and story posts per influencer.

How often should influencers post?

While it is important for influencers to post campaign content in a timely manner, it is crucial to ensure that content is not posted too close together to avoid bombarding audiences with the same content too many times. Ideally, influencers should space out their content approximately one week apart as this gives them time to also post their own personal content in between. We also recommend that influencers post a feed and story post within the same week as this has often yielded the best results – they can also be posted on the same day as this has also proven to be effective. The content posted week to week from influencers should also vary in the sense that they should not be reusing images and instead create new content for each post. This creates a refreshing look for audiences as they will be more intrigued to look at the content they have never seen before versus seeing the same content week after week. 


Before starting a campaign, it is vital to understand what you are hoping to achieve, as this can also help determine how many feed and story posts you expect from your influencers. By selecting a campaign type, deciding on a campaign budget, and finalizing a timeline for content are all ways that will assist in determining the ideal number of posts. Each campaign is different, and thus each time you run a campaign, it is important to adjust accordingly. If you are looking to start a campaign using our filtered roster of Canadian influencers, schedule a consultation today by clicking here or by visiting:

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