Put your influencer campaigns on autopilot with CampaignPlus

The easiest way to build and launch influencer campaigns.

CampaignPlus helps brands launch successful influencer campaigns with a few clicks. 


Team + Technology

Leverage our technology and support our team to launch highly engaging influencer campaigns.

Dedicated Campaign Manager
Get an influencer marketing expert to work along side you to launch each campaign.
Campaign Management Suite
Access a complete suite of tools to help you manage each step of your campaign.

How it works

Use whitelist ads to drive results and maximize the impact of each influencer collaboration.

Build Campaign Brief
Build your campaign brief on the Embold platform to share your goals and vision with influencers.
Review Influencers within 24 Hours
Influencers are invited and apply to join your campaigns. Your team can carefully review each application to select the most ideal influencers for your campaign.
Review and Approve Content
Approved influencers create content for your brand and submit it for review on the platform. Your team can review, provide feedback and approve content in one place.
Reporting and Payouts Streamlined
Measure the impact of your campaign with complete campaign reporting. Additionally, influencer payouts are streamlined so you don't have to spend hours managing financials.

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