Our influencers monetize their social media following by creating sponsored posts for brands. Let us handle the logistics of working with brands and focus on creating meaningful content for your audience.

Apply below to join the influencer marketing movement.

Why Join our Roster?

Stress Free

We will curate a stress free experience when working with brands and save you endless paperwork and hassle. We take care of finding the right brands, negotiating and financial logistics. You simply get paid every time you run a campaign.

Competitive Compensation

Our compensation structure gives you peace of mind knowing you are being fairly compensated for your work. We take into account the platform, rate of engagement and the size of your audience so you know exactly how you are getting paid.

Brand Affinity

To ensure genuine interaction between brands and your audience, work to find brands that share the same values and objectives as you. You always get the final say on which campaigns you want to share with your audience.

We are seeking influencers who are:

Active On Social Media

Content is key. Influencers must be posting and creating content for each platform at least twice a month.

Have High Engagement

All influencers must display traction for their content. Profiles must meet our engagement requirements and the audience must be organic.

Located in Canada

At the moment, we are only working with creators located in Canada.

Have 3000+ Followers

Creators must meet our minimum audience size to qualify for an Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Sounds like you?

Applying to our network is free and painless. Click the link below to apply and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly after.

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