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Embold helps advertisers reach Canadian consumers with quality, data-driven campaigns. Our roster of 9,000+ Canadian influencers can help you run campaigns at any scale.


Embold helps you launch an influencer strategy backed by data-driven insights. 

Influencer Engagement

The success of each campaign is dependant on the quality of influencers engaged in your campaign. Our team can identify the ideal influencers for your brand.

Influencer Discovery
Our team will coordinate ideal influencers based on the customers you want to reach. 
Influencer Coordination
We have already filtered influencers and negotiated terms with influencers making it easy to run each campaign.

Content Creation

Using our influencers, Embold will manage the content creation for your campaign to ensure a smooth delivery.

Engaging Content
Influencers create engaging content based on your business needs. All content is subject to approval before posting to ensure brand safety.
Content Delivery
Our team will coordinate with all of the influencers to ensure an on time and on target delivery of your content.

Reporting and Payouts

Eliminate the spreadsheets and hundreds of emails involved in campaign reporting and influencer payments.

Campaign Reporting
Monitor the performance of your campaign and calculate your return on investment. 
Influencer Payouts
Eliminate having to invoice dozens of influencers individually. You pay one invoice and our team will pay each influencer.

Do more with Embold

9,000+ Canadian Influencers

Embold has a vetted roster of quality Canadian influencers to give you a direct reach to your customers.

Brand Safety

All content goes through a quality control and approval process to ensure your brand is protected.

Affordable Campaigns

Our team uses technology to make campaigns accessible and affordable to all advertisers. 

Complete Reporting

Each campaign comes with a complete report showcasing the performance and analytics.

Data Driven

We use profile analytics from each influencer to find the most suitable influencers for your campaign.

Content Generation

Influencers create original content showcasing your brand. This content can be reused by your team as needed.

Planning + Strategy

We work with your team to understand your goals and build a solution that works for you.

Live in 3 Weeks

With Embold, your team can have an influencer campaign in live in 3 weeks!

Outperform the engagement of sponsored posts by up to 400%

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