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Embold helps brands launch highly targeted influencer marketing campaigns across Canada. 

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Make the most of your influencer marketing budget with Embold.

Phase 1

Campaign creation simplified

Streamline the entire campaign process with our team and technology.

Build your Campaign
Our advanced campaign creation tools help you build a campaign brief that will effectively communicate your vision to influencers.
Engage Quality Influencers
Work with 9,000+ Canadian influencers who can reach and engage your customers.
Review and Select Influencers
Review influencer applications and profile analytics to select the most ideal influencers.

Phase 2

Management suite that saves you hours 

All the tools you need to build and manage influencer campaigns that drive results.

Influencer Management
Manage and monitor all of the influencers for your campaign in one place. 
Collaboration Tools
Connect directly with the influencers using our Inbox and Collaboration Channel.
Content Management
Review and manage all content submissions in one place. Easily monitor content submissions and provide feedback to influencers.

Phase 3

Reporting and payouts

Simplify the admin work required in managing an influencer campaign.

Campaign Reporting
View and monitor the performance of your campaign.
Simplified Invoicing
Pay one invoice instead of having to transact with and pay dozens of influencers individually.
Influencer Payouts
Pay influencers directly to their bank account or PayPal with a few clicks.

Managed campaigns

Allow our team to do the heavy lifting. Embold can run
effective campaigns for your team without adding work to plate.
Influencer Engagement
Our team will engage quality micro influencers who can reach your customers and promote your brand.
Content Creation
We will work with your team to ensure influencers create highly engaging content to drive results.
Reporting and Payouts
Our team will provide you a detailed report on the performance of your campaign and payout all of the influencers.

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