Maximize your campaign impact using Whitelisting

Embold helps you convert influencer content into high-performing ads.

Whitelisting enables brands to publish content and advertise using influencer handles.

Scale what works

Select the top-performing content from your campaign to use as Whitelist Ads to further the reach and impact of your campaign.

Influencer Selection
Embold will help you select the ideal influencers and coordinate their accounts for whitelisting.
Extend Campaign Impact
Brands can drive engagement and conversion indefinitely and extend the impact of influencer content.

Drive Results

Use whitelist ads to drive results and maximize the impact of each influencer collaboration.

A/B Testing
Test different call-to-action, content types and messaging to drive higher engagements.
Audience Targetting
Target key demographics using whitelist ads to ensure maximum impact. Retarget website visitors, custom audiences and more.

Live Reporting

Eliminate the spreadsheets and hundreds of emails involved in campaign reporting.

Real-Time Reporting
Access all of the campaign reporting in real-time to make adjustments along the way.  

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